Search Engine Optimization Consulting

With approximately 75% of people using the internet instead of the yellow pages to find a business to deal with, if your site is not easy to find in the search engines, then your website is not working for you.

This is where SEO can help

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is frequently referred to is the process of analysing various factors that will affect how well your website will rank in the search engines. These factors will have either a negative or a positive impact on your site and they are all within your control.

If your site was to be hacked or a site that you link to was hacked to distribute Malicious software (Malware) you could be penalized for that. By bringing in the Kingston SEO experts at KL Insight you will recieve a complete SEO review which will include:

  • On site and off site factors that are affecting your rankings
  • Inbound and more imporantly out bound links
  • Your sites current rankings for your desired keywords and key phrases.
  • Your competitors current rankings for those same keywords and phrases.
  • Reasearch to find other keywords and phrases you should be targeting.
  • Discovering potential linking partners and strategies.

Following the review, we will work with you to see our recommendations implimented. We will continue to monitor your site and recommend further changes and adjustments as your site's performance and the performance of your competitors sites change. We also feel that it is very important that you know about any changes in the Search Industry that could have an affect on your business.

Our guarentee to you is that we will not use any tricks, techniques or questionable tactics that could cause long term damage to your website rankings.

We care about your web site rankings as much as our own and when you succeed, we succeed.

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